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about the midwife

Bethany began attending births in 2002 as a doula and birth assistant, then moved on to the role of student midwife. In 2008, she graduated from the Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training Program.

Since beginning her practice, Bethany has served in a variety of settings, including home births in rural Kansas and a low-resource hospital in the Zambian bush.

After several years of part-time practice while her own children were babies, Bethany is now accepting new clients.

When not seeing moms and babies, Bethany enjoys spending time with her family, homeschooling, reading, and being creative in the kitchen.

philosophy of care

Bethany believes pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding are natural, God-given functions of the woman’s body. Birth itself is not a medical condition, but the normal process through which new life enters the world. For healthy women, giving birth at home in an environment that she is comfortable with, combined with skilled attendants, can be an optimal choice to ensure a safe and satisfying birth experience.


I love that Bethany gave me a lot of education as well as freedom. This peace of mind and of body set the tone for my next 5 births, too, and we couldn't be happier.

Katherin, Saint Marys

Bethany was my midwife for two of my pregnancies/births. My appointments with Bethany were never rushed. She was truly a knowledgeable and attentive caregiver. It was clear the wellbeing of my baby and I were especially important to her.


When my stubborn babies refused to make their entrance into the world till after 42 weeks, Bethany monitored both my baby and I very closely. She let me know my options and make my own choices. However, I trusted if something came up she felt concerned about, she would transfer me to a good hospital and still stay with me. Both my babies were finally born at home.


Bethany’s excellent care continued through labor, birth, and the first several weeks postpartum.


Brecken, Hutchinson

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